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Chris Christensen Peace & Kindness Colloidal Silver Spray

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Size: 118ml
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  • Stimulates healing of cuts, scrapes, and open sores
  • Alleviates hot spots, yeast infections, ear infections and more
  • Safe for use on dogs, cats, and horses
  • Made in the USA

Unlike antibiotics or steroids, Chris Christensen's Peace & Kindness Spray has no side effects and is completely natural. There are 30 parts per million (ppm) of pure silver in this non-toxic topical spray. Since Peace & Kindness has no discernible flavor, odour, or sting, it can be safely applied to cuts and scrapes without causing any discomfort. No irritation when used in the nasal and oral cavities.

  • Peace & Kindness Gel and Spray are standardized to 30 ppm of suspended silver particles, and is a great natural alternative to antibiotics.
  • Peace & Kindness Gel and Spray are effectively treats itchy skin, hot spots, dandruff, yeast infections, parasitic infections, fungal infections and allergic reactions, along with many other skin irritations
  • All natural- antibiotic and steroid free. Hypo-allergenic - free from sulfates, perfumes, & dyes!
  • Suitable for all coat types.

100% Distilled Structured Water, .999 Pure Silver Colloidal Silver 30ppm

For best results apply freely over troubled area (4 to 5 times a day). Do not freeze or refrigerate. Keep at room temperature.