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Pawgy Pets Double Tug Rope Toy For Dog

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  • Non-Toxic
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Anxiety Reduction in Dogs and Prevention of Furniture & Personal Belonging Chewing

Pawgy Pets Double Tug Rope Toys are meticulously crafted through the artisanal process of intertwining cotton and polyester threads, further reinforced by intricate knotting to enhance strength, protection, and overall durability. These handcrafted Rope Dog Chew Toys feature robust and securely tied knots, ensuring prolonged resilience, even in the face of vigorous chewing habits exhibited by more assertive dogs. In contrast to squeaky or plush toys that succumb to destruction within minutes, these nearly indestructible dog toys provide enduring entertainment for your canine companion, whether utilized indoors or outdoors for play or training purposes.

Designed to cater to a dog's instinctual needs, these toys contribute to fortifying the bond between the dog and its owner. This rope toy is composed of intertwining cotton and polyester fibres, creating a visually appealing appearance while reinforcing shine, strength, and additional durability. The material used is both safe and non-toxic, offering a reliable means to alleviate stress and anxiety in your dog. Crafted from eco-friendly and washable cotton material, these cotton rope toys are natural, non-toxic, and entirely safe for your pet. Free from any peculiar smell, plastic, or rubber components, they pose no harm to your pet's teeth or gums.

  • Cotton toys are crafted from a soft and durable cotton material that is non-toxic. The non-toxic cotton, even when combined with synthetic floss, does not pose a risk of obstructing the intestinal tract.
  • Alleviate your pets' anxiety and mitigate a puppy's separation anxiety. This helps minimize damage to home furnishings and other amenities. These toys are designed for pet puppies to play and chew, contributing to maintaining a positive mood.
  • Composed of 100% non-toxic cotton, these toys aid in maintaining dental hygiene by facilitating teeth flossing and gum massage when chewed.
  • These toys are effective in addressing anxiety in dogs and preventing undesirable chewing behaviour on furniture and personal belongings. By satisfying a dog's natural urge to chew, these rope dog chew toys offer a suitable means of diversion, keeping dogs occupied in your absence and providing comfort during moments of nervousness. Ideally suited for puppies and small dogs.