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pet gromming during summer

Summer Grooming Tips for Dogs: Keeping Your Furry Friend Cool and Comfortable

 As the summer season approaches, it's essential to pay extra attention to your dog's grooming needs. The rising temperatures and increased outdoor activities can pose challenges for your furry friend's comfort and health.

At BearHugs, we understand the unique needs of dogs during the warmer months and are here to provide you with essential tips to keep your pet happy and healthy. Here are some summer grooming tips to ensure your dog stays cool, comfortable, and happy during the warmer months.

1. Regular Brushing:

Brushing your dog's coat regularly is important during summer. It helps remove dead hair, dirt, and waste, allowing better air circulation through the coat. For dogs with double coats, frequent brushing prevents matting and keeps their undercoat thinned, which is crucial for temperature regulation. Bearhugs have good collection of brushes and other grooming products that provide comfort to your dog.

2. Appropriate Haircuts:

Consider giving your dog a summer haircut, especially if they have a long or dense coat. A shorter trim can help them stay cool, but avoid shaving them completely, as their coat provides protection from the sun and helps control body temperature. 

3. Bathing:

Regular baths are important in summer to keep your dog's skin and coat clean and free from irritants like pollen and dust. Use a mild, dog-specific shampoo to avoid skin dryness or irritation. Ensure you rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues, which can cause itching.

4. Parasite Control:

Summer is prime time for fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Keep your dog protected with regular treatments as recommended by your veterinarian. Check your dog's coat and skin regularly for any signs of parasites, especially after walks or outdoor play.

5. Paw Care:

Hot pavements and surfaces can be harsh on your dog's paws. Keep their paws trimmed and free from excess fur to prevent overheating and improve traction. Apply a paw balm to protect and soothe their pads from hot surfaces. Consider using dog booties for added protection during walks.

6. Ear Care:

Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infections, especially in humid summer weather. Check their ears regularly for signs of infection, such as redness, odor, or discharge. Clean their ears gently with a vet-approved solution to keep them dry and prevent infections.

7. Hydration and Shade:

Ensure your dog has access to fresh, cool water at all times, and provide a shaded area for them to rest. Overheating can be dangerous, so avoid harsh exercise during the hottest parts of the day and never leave your dog in a parked car.

8. Sun Protection:

Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned, especially those with short or light-colored coats. Apply a pet-safe sunscreen to exposed areas like the nose, ears, and belly. Avoid using human sunscreen, as some ingredients can be toxic to dogs.

9. Cooling Products:

Consider using cooling mats, vests, or bandanas to help your dog stay comfortable in the heat. These products are designed to keep your dog cool through evaporation or cooling gel technology.

10. Monitoring for Heatstroke:

Be alert for signs of heatstroke, which can include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, and collapse. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, move them to a cool area, apply cool (not cold) water to their body, and seek veterinary attention immediately.


At BearHugs, we're dedicated to providing the best for your furry companions. From nutritious dog food to essential care products, we have everything you need to ensure your dog enjoys a happy and healthy summer. Visit our website at bearhugsofficial.com to explore our range of products and services tailored for your dog's well-being.

Remember, summer grooming is not just about keeping your dog looking good; it's about keeping them comfortable, safe, and healthy. By following these tips, you can ensure that your furry friend enjoys the sunny season to the fullest.

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