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About Us

Hi, there! 

Picture a big old cuddly bear in a tweed coat solving crossword puzzles on a Sunday and who distributes candies to all the kids and animals playing in the streets - that, ladies and gents, is pretty much us!

Say ‘Hi!’ to BearHugs, a labour of love, borne out of our founders’ irrevocable affection for our furry friends. BearHugs is the answer to all your pet needs, the go-to online platform for all kinds of pet supplies and services. We are the Papa Bear your pet can reach out to for anything, from cuddles to a game of catch!

Our mission is to help everyone experience the sheer joy of pet-parenting by making it super rewarding, effortless, and wholesome. We aim to be a supportive friend to every pet parent by being an accessible, helpful platform that delivers services and products that are economical, accessible, and designed with a whole lot of love — right to your doorstep!

We are now delivering delight all across India. Do give us the opportunity to be a part of your pet parenting journey. 

It’s gonna be paw-some! 

Much Love,
Team BearHugs