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  • Acana Regionals Pacifica Adult Cat Dry Food

    Rs. 2,599

    Key Features Suitable for all breeds at all life stages Acana Pacifica is loaded with 75% fish protein Nutrient-dense, WholePrey Ratios 1/2 ...

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    Original price Rs. 549 - Original price Rs. 5,999
    Original price
    Rs. 2,599
    Rs. 549 - Rs. 5,999
    Current price Rs. 2,599
  • Orijen Cat And kitten Chicken & Turkey Dry Food

    Rs. 599

    Key Features To nourish cats and kittens according to their evolutionary and biological demands, this food contains 40% richly nutritious pr...

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    Original price Rs. 599 - Original price Rs. 15,999
    Original price
    Rs. 599
    Rs. 599 - Rs. 15,999
    Current price Rs. 599
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    Farmina Feline Herring & Orange Adult Cat Food Dry

    Rs. 2,250 Rs. 2,025

    Key Features Farmina Feline Herring & Orange complete food for adult cats. With only natural antioxidants, tocopherols rich extracts, wh...

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    Original price Rs. 750
    Original price Rs. 750 - Original price Rs. 5,590
    Original price Rs. 750
    Current price Rs. 2,025
    Rs. 675 - Rs. 5,031
    Current price Rs. 2,025
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  • Dr. Pets Bone Broth Chicken Meal Topper - 100ml

    Rs. 356

    Key Features Preservative Free Human Grade Ingredient Healthy Meal Topper Product Description Give your pet the nutrient-rich goodn...

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    Original price Rs. 356 - Original price Rs. 1,068
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    Rs. 356
    Rs. 356 - Rs. 1,068
    Current price Rs. 356
  • Dr. Pets Bone Broth Lamb Meal Topper - 100ml

    Rs. 534

    Key Features Preservative Free Human Grade Ingredient Healthy Meal Topper Product Description Give your pet the nutrient-rich goodn...

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    Original price Rs. 356 - Original price Rs. 1,068
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    Rs. 534
    Rs. 356 - Rs. 1,068
    Current price Rs. 534

Buy Cat Food in India on Bearhugs

Are you an Indian cat owner searching for the finest nutrition for your beloved feline companion? Look no further than Bearhugs, your ultimate destination for purchasing cat food in India. In the realm of feline nutrition, we are dedicated to assisting you in making well-informed decisions for your cat's optimal well-being.

Bearhugs provides a variety of cat food options, featuring different brands and catering to specific dietary requirements based on your cat's life stage and breed. Additionally, if your furry friend has any health issues, we also offer discussions on prescription foods. When you choose Bearhugs, you can be confident that you're acquiring high-quality cat food at affordable prices.

The Best Cat Food for Optimal Nutrition on Bearhugs

When aiming to provide the best nutrition for your cat, selecting the best cat food is crucial. Ideal cat food should offer a well-balanced combination of essential nutrients to support your cat's overall well-being.

These foods must contain ingredients promoting good digestion, ensuring they are easily digestible for the digestive tract, thereby fostering a healthy digestive system. This facilitates the absorption of all necessary nutrients by your cat.

The best cat food brands in India prioritize nutrients that strengthen the immune system, contributing to your cat's overall health. Additionally, high protein levels play a crucial role in maintaining your cat's skin health.

Opting for cat food options devoid of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives is advisable, as these can disrupt your cat's natural diet. By choosing the appropriate cat food, you can supply your feline companion with the nourishment essential for a joyful and healthy life.

Cat Food Brands Present on Bearhugs

  1. Royal Canin Cat Food: It provides tailored nutrition based on breed, age, and specific needs.
  2. Whiskas Cat Food: It offers delicious and nutritious meals to satisfy your cat's cravings.
  3. Sheba Cat Food: It presents gourmet recipes made with high-quality ingredients for a luxurious dining experience.
  4. Meo Cat Food: It provides a variety of flavorful options loved by cats while delivering essential nutrients for optimal health.
  5. Dr Pets Bone Broth Chicken Meal Topper: It enhances your pet's diet with a nutritious meal topper, promoting hydration and supporting gut health.
  6. Drools Cat Food: It offers a balanced diet with real meat and beneficial ingredients to keep your cat happy and healthy.
  7. Maxi Persian: It is a unique recipe that prioritizes overall health, containing essential vitamins (A, E, D) and minerals to strengthen the immune system, bones, and teeth.
  8. Farmina Matisse Kitten Food: It is a quality kitten food that promotes the health and growth of young cats.

Cat Food - FAQ


What kind of food is best for cats?

Due to their necessary carnivorous lifestyle, cats require meat to not only survive but also thrive. A properly formulated raw, home-cooked, or grain-free canned diet is the best option for a cat's diet.

Which foods are poisonous to cats?

Some of the dangerous or toxic foods for cats - 

Onions, garlic, raw meat, chocolate, alcohol, raisins, grapes, and raw eggs are some of the foods that are the most toxic to cats.

You shouldn't give your cat table scraps as they can contain toxins that could be harmful.

What can a Persian cat eat?

Human foods that your Persian cat can consume without getting sick fish. Although it's best to prevent your cat from consuming fish from the aquarium, giving him oily fish like tuna or mackerel can benefit his eyes, joints, and brain.

  • Meat

  • Cheese

  • Bananas

  • Berries

  • Melon

  • Carrots

  • Rice

Can cats eat eggs?

Cats can eat eggs, yes. For cats, fully cooked eggs are a terrific nutritional treat. The building blocks of protein, such as amino acids, are among the many nutrients that are abundant in eggs, which are also very easily assimilated.

Can cats have rice?

Cats can now snack on some cooked rice without risk. Since rice can help create a nutritionally balanced cat diet, you might also find it in some cat feeds.

Can I give chicken and rice to my cat?

For cats with digestive problems, plenty of vets advise feeding them a bland meal of chicken and rice. It's not a comprehensive food plan, but a quick fix to help them feel stronger and stabilize their upset stomachs.