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Dog Tick & Flea

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    Trixie Tick Tweezers Plastic - Assorted Colour

    Rs. 175 Rs. 105

    Key Features Tick Tweezers Plastic For an easy removal of ticks Assorted colours the item can be available in four different colours P...

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    Original price Rs. 175 - Original price Rs. 175
    Original price Rs. 175
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  • Trixie Tick Boy VET Tick 13cm Remover Pen
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    Trixie Tick Boy VET Tick 13cm Remover Pen - Assorted Colours

    Rs. 425 Rs. 255

    Key Features You can easily locate the ticks in the dark coat, thanks to the integrated lamp. Suitable for small ticks as well, with a slide...

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    Original price Rs. 425 - Original price Rs. 425
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  • TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller

    Rs. 2,950

    Key Features 94% efficiency against ticks without using any chemicals Chemical free, preventive solution No odours and fragrances Safe to us...

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    Rs. 2,950
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    Trixie Metal Flea and Dust Comb - 21 cm

    Rs. 1,025 Rs. 923

    Key Features For discovery of fleas and lice in pet's coat Comb head is made of stainless steel Use regularly to check for fleas, ticks and ...

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    Original price Rs. 1,025 - Original price Rs. 1,025
    Original price Rs. 1,025
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    M Pet Dog Flea Comb 4 x 19.5 cm

    Rs. 475 Rs. 452

    Key Features Suitable for short, long and medium coats Steel bristles for easy clean Ergonomically designed handle for comfort Product ...

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Online Dog Tick and Flea

Best Tick & Flea Solutions for Dogs & Puppies

These are the best dog products for flea and tick control:

  • Capt Zack Tick" et to freedom Waterless Dog Shampoo.
  • Himalaya Erina EP Dog Shampoo.
  • Himalaya Erina EP Powder

What is the safest flea and tick medicine for my dog?

Ticks on Dogs: Signs and Symptoms

Depending on the type of tick implicated, there may be several indications and symptoms that a dog has ticks.

The signs of a brown dog tick can include skin rashes or anemia. Though symptoms often take three days or longer to appear when a paralysis tick attaches, they may include one or more of the following signs in dogs:

  • a lack of balance in the back legs (unsteady or unable to stand up), which could lead to paralysis
  • a shift in bark or voice.
  • Following a tick bite, your dog can vomit.
  • coughing, retching, or appetite loss
  • either quick or labored breathing.
  • After a walk, you could notice that your dog seems lethargic.

Why are rope toys for dogs beneficial?

Dogs use the threads on rope toys as tooth floss when they bite them, keeping their teeth clean. Dog rope toys are also excellent because they massage your dog's gums, get rid of food fragments lodged in their teeth, and lessen the likelihood of harmful germs or plaque developing on their teeth.

what to keep in mind while Choosing the Safest Flea Treatment for Your Dog.

Remember that no two pets are alike. As a result, a product that is typically thought to be safe for dogs to use as flea and tick prevention may be a terrific choice for one animal but a mistake for another. Considerable factors include:

  • Age: Flea treatments must be suitable for the dog's age; several are unsuitable for pups. To find out this information, look at the product's label.
  • Breed: The type of coat may impact your choice. Topical treatments may be challenging on thicker coats.
  • The medical history of your pet should be considered, including any additional drugs or dietary supplements you may be giving, any underlying illnesses, and any previous adverse responses to flea and tick preventatives.
  • Your pet's lifestyle: the presence of kids and other animals (especially cats) in the home, as well as the daily activities and exposure that your pet receives


How do you remove a tick from a dog?

To get rid of the tick, use tweezers or a tick removal tool like a tick hook. When a tick is close to your pet's skin, grab it at the tick's mouthparts, twist it, and then pull it out of the skin. Don't squeeze the tick's body. Or else you can give a bath with flea removing Shampoo

How does a dog get fleas and ticks?

Dogs frequently contract flea infestations via interacting with other animals or fleas in the environment. This insect may leap from host to host or from its surroundings onto the host thanks to its powerful rear legs. (Since fleas lack wings, they are unable to fly.) Fleas can infest dogs in a variety of ways. One approach is by interacting with other canines that have fleas when out on a walk, playing at the dog park, or having a playdate at another dog's house. Fleas can also enter your home by adhering to your shoes, socks, and pant legs. Tick and flea control is extremely important.

How To Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks in Your Home

One of the most effective ways to stop an infestation or re-infestation is to treat your yard and house for ticks and fleas. Among the ways to keep your yard safe are:

  • Maintain a clean lawn and trim any shrubs.
  • Any exposed areas where animals could breed outside should be sealed. To deter neighboring animals like feral cats or other creatures like raccoons and opossums from eating your food, do not leave it out.
  • Effective over-the-counter flea and tick yard sprays are available, but you should first speak with your veterinarian or landscaper to ensure that these solutions are safe for your pets to consume.
  • Since fleas are frequently found in large numbers, flea infestations in the home can become more of a nuisance than tick infestations. During a flea infestation, there are several ways to keep your house safe.
  • Vacuuming frequently will help eliminate the habitats of these parasites.
  • cleaning the baseboards, under any dog beds in the house, and fabric furniture like chairs and couches with a vacuum.
  • Frequently changing vacuum bags or regularly dumping the vacuum container outside the house in a closed space.
  • Washing your dog's bedding and toys several times a week in hot water can destroy any larval fleas.

Does my dog need flea and tick medicine in winter?

Unfortunately, while many owners think their dogs are safe from fleas and ticks throughout the winter, this is far from the case. Some tick species, particularly those that spread Lyme disease, can continue to be active throughout the fall and winter.