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Barkbutler Fofos Puppy Toy for Dog - Monkey

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  • Ideal Teething Toy
  • Engaging Textures
  • Squeaker Inside
  • Interactive Tug-of-War Fun
  • Recommended For Teething Puppies

Introducing the Barkbutler x Fofos Puppy Teething Toy-monkey, a versatile and captivating soft toy specially designed to entertain and soothe teething puppies. Crafted with a multi-material blend of a spring tail (without a spring), TPR ring & different types of soft plush fabrics, this toy offers a delightful chewing experience for your pet. The squeaker engages your puppy's senses, ensuring longer playtime and fostering their exploration. Ideal for puppies like Labradors, beagles, shih tzus, and pugs, this chewable toy aids in soothing their gums and satisfying their biting instincts. Not recommended for dogs with adult teeth or aggressive chewers, this snuggly monkey is perfect for pup's 3 month and beyond. With a spring tail or TPR ring for tug-of-war fun and a squishy, squeaky body, this toy promises endless entertainment for your furry friend.

  • Ideal Teething Toy: Specially designed for teething puppies, this soft and multi-material monkey toy provides relief to your pet's gums, making it perfect for puppy breeds like Beagle, Shih Tzu, Pug, Labrador (Labra) & others .
  • Engaging Textures: With a unique blend of a spring tail, TPR rings & different types of soft plush fabrics, this toy keeps puppies entertained, promoting longer playtime and healthy chewing habits.
  • Squeaker Inside: The squeaker creates irresistible sounds, stimulating your puppy's curiosity and keeping them engaged with every squeeze and squish.
  • Interactive Tug-of-War Fun: The durable TPR ring or spring tail enables fun-filled tugging and pulling games, helping to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy while keeping them active and entertained.
  • Recommended For Teething Puppies: This soft and chewable toy is specifically designed for puppies over 3 month old and is not recommended for dogs with adult teeth or those prone to aggressive chewing.