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Petstages 46 x 35 x 10 cm Scratch and Groom For Cats

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  • Self-grooming Scratcher
  • Reduces Fur Shedding & Hairballs
  • Keeps Claws Healthy
  • Catnip Blasted To Entice

The Petstages Scratch & Groom set is the ideal scratching post for independent feline grooming. Made with an arched bristle brush for massaging your cat and removing loose fur, as well as a scratching pad made of high-density corrugated cardboard. Excellent for redirecting destructive behaviour and minimising fur and tear marks on furniture. This scratcher has been infused with dry catnip to entice your cat to scratch on it and satisfy its natural urges.

  • The Scratch & Groom by Petstages is the perfect self-grooming station for your kitty with a built-in brush and corrugated cardboard scratching platform all in one spot!
  • Keep your kitty's fur off your furniture and floor with this adjustable, compact, and portable self-grooming bristle arch. Multiple bristle holes allow for multiple arch placements to keep your kitty kink-free.
  • The Scratch & Groom cat scratcher will keep your cat's claws trim and their urges satisfied.Covered with dried catnip this scratcher is sure to tempt your cat for more than one round of self-indulgent grooming!